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Our Aims and Objectives

Aims And Objectives

Our additional objectives to the ones listed below are, to lobby the Victorian Government to amend the Victorian Identifying Information Act to bring it into line with all other states by providing the same reciprocal right of accessing identifying information to mothers as are afforded all adult adoptees in Victoria. Additionally, our aim is to bring about a Government Inquiry to address the unlawful adoption practices of the past so that healing can finally begin for all people harmed by those practices.

Support:To provide confidential support and information through: a telephone service available to people separated by adoption and regular support meetings where mothers have the freedom to speak and be heard in a safe place.

Healing: To promote the process of healing the emotional damage caused by adoption separation and secrecy.

Reunion: To assist in the reunion of family members separated by adoption.

Awareness:To promote community awareness and understanding of the lifelong consequences and social issues associated with adoption separation.

Research: To encourage and promote research in to the mental health consequences and social issues associated with adoption.

Redress: To seek acknowledgement, validation, accountability and redress for negligent adoption practices.

Reform: To encourage and promote legislative, social and administrative reforms that address the needs of the people already separated by adoption, and which promote systems of secure, alternative child care that respect the ongoing needs and dignity of both mother and child as an alternative to permanent separation.

Liaison: To liaise with any Government departments or other agency, body or individual who may assist in promoting the aims and objectives of Origins.

Newsletter: To offer our members a quarterly newsletter.

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