Dian Wellfare Adoption Rights Campaigner (1951-2008)

A Judge Speaks
Overview of Adoption
"A Sanctioned Evil" Adoption History in Australia
"A Sanctioned Evil" 2
"A Sanctioned Evil" 3
"A Sanctioned Evil" 4
"A Sanctioned Evil" 5
A Sanctioned Evil 6
Dian's Tribute Page
Civil Rights Crimes in Adoption
Wake up Little Suzie
Beyond Pain
Responses to the NSW Inquiry
A Judge Speaks
What they Knew
South Australian Vetos
Dian's Portrait at National Gallery
Origins INC NSW


Justice Richard Chisholm who gave evidence at the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Into Adoption Practices
He declared that the practice of taking the baby without the mothers consent was "technically kidnapping and unlawful" 

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