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Origins Inc Victoria Australia

Origins Victoria
Disclaimer by Vanish as being a member of the Apology Alliance




The current committee of Origins Vic Inc wish to have it known that we do not endorse the term "White Stolen Generations" and/or the divisive undertones of racial segregation.This organisation has removed any person from Origins that supports this agenda    


And Origins Vic Inc have not at any time represented ourselves as doing so      


The person whose address appears on a flyer in a public face book page as endorsing The  "white stolen generations"  resigned from the position of secretary in 2006.   


The official logo used up until late 2005 was of a mother holding her baby at which time Origins Vic Inc changed our logo to the current yellow logo and our policies to align  in unity with Origins SPASA Inc. 
Origins Victoria Inc has never envied the Stolen Generation  Apology


Origins Victoria supports all Mothers who have been separated from their families of origin by the practices that forced families apart.


Let it be known that Origins Victoria  Inc are seeking advice and will not hesitate to take legal action if any other person or organization wilfully uses our logo to misrepresent us..


The above "flyer" is a fraudulent document used to discredit Origins Victoria
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Supporting People Separated by Adoption
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